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Our dog rescue relies on Foster Homes to help save the lives of dogs in need. Our foster program is designed to be collaborative and supportive. We'll work together to match you with a dog in need, and provide all the necessary support for a successful fostering experience.

If you're interested in making a huge impact for a dog in need, consider fostering with us. Our foster program offers flexible options, including short-term, long-term, and foster-to-adopt. We provide all the support and resources you'll need to make your fostering experience successful and rewarding.


Our Fosters

At Main Street Mutt and Meow Rescue, we are dedicated to finding loving homes for animals in need. Our team of passionate volunteers work tirelessly to provide care, support, and rehabilitation to animals who have been abandoned, neglected, or abused. By adopting a pet from us, you are not only giving them a second chance at life, but also becoming part of our mission to end animal cruelty and promote responsible pet ownership.

What kind of dogs need foster homes?

  • Neglected or abused dogs needing extra TLC.

  • Injured dogs and/or those recovering from surgery.

  • Dogs suffering from “shelter stress” who need a calm home environment.

  • Senior dogs.

  • Puppies and young dogs who need to experience what it means to live in home.

  • Puppies too young and/or immature to be adopted.

  • Pregnant dogs and mothers with puppies.

  • Other special needs dogs.

  • Any dog when the shelter becomes overcrowded.

Different fostering opportunities

  • Long-term: When you become a long-term foster, you become the new dog's family, but Main Street Mutts is responsible for healthcare, food, and other needs.

  • Short-term: Fosters provide the dog with a home environment over a more limited period of time. Examples of dogs that might need short-term fostering: convalescing dogs, dogs who need a break from the shelter environment, dogs who need to learn house manners to increase chances at adoption.

  • Foster-to-adopt: These are cases where a potential adopter takes a particular dog into their home with the intention of adopting if everything works out.

  • Puppies: Puppies are special cases. Examples include: pregnant dogs or one who has just whelped, weaned puppies who need socialization, feral puppies who are learning to live with humans for the first time, and older pups who need to continue their socialization and training until they find a home.

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