Mutt Rescue


RIP 3/9/22‚Äč

Daniel came to us from California and was not the easiest dog to find a home for.  He was great with people but not so much other animals!  Despite that we met his adopter and made the guy jump thru hoops. He worked thru all the steps we required and Daniel has been well loved over the last 6 years. Then a possible brain tumor was discovered and despite trying some meds to help give him more time, they didn't work long and the difficult decision was made.  Daniel was a handful but super easy to love.  RIP'll be remembered by many..

We rec'd the sad new that Bear was lost due to cancer.  It was fast..they had him at the vet at 8am and by4pm they knew they had to say good bye.  They shared the above pics of Bear and their overall feeling was "He was the best dog we've ever had."  RIP Bear!  Your life was way to short by our standards.  The positive side is how much he was loved in that short time!

Ella came to us the end of January 2020.  A week after she arrived she showed signs of Parvo.  She fought so hard and came home after 8 days at the ER Vet.  Unfortunetly she developed intussusception.  This is an inflammation of the intestines and a portion of it has slipped out of its normal place (Prolapse) and a portion has folded.  A side effect of the parvo.

She passed away on 2/13/20.  RIP were very loved and forever missed.

Main Street

Dogs and cats  SAVED as of 04.22.23   : 1708

Brandy (formerly Mini)

RIP 5/3/21

Ella 02/2020

8 weeks old

Bear (formerly Brutus)

RIP  4/28/21

This sweet angel was only 8 and lost her battle with cancer. Her family would have fought long and hard for her but it was just to much for this little girl so they let her go to save her any suffering.  She came to us in a very neglected state and blossomed after some love and grooming.  Her new family was the ticket to her living the last years of her life in comfort and total love.  RIP Brandy   We wish you'd been here longer but we know you are up chasing birds and squirrels without any pain now.