Dogs and cats  SAVED as of 04.22.23   : 1708

We currently work to rescue dogs out of Southern California, Texas and beyond. We do take in owner surrenders on a case by case basis so please never hesitate to ask if we may be able to help you. We work with quite a few shelters out of California including but not limited to Ramona Humane Society, Apple Valley Animal Shelter, Riverside Animal Shelter, and Moreno Valley Animal Shelter. We also work heavily with Project Freedom Ride to save dogs out of rural Texas areas. 

We love doing litters and making sure unplanned puppies get the love, vet care and good homes they deserve. We take in dogs from the shelters, other rescues and owners.  Our only limitation is the availalbity of foster families!

Main Street

Mutt Rescue

"Meet Cosmo, the sweet little face who began my journey into rescue. I found him at Moreno Valley Animal Shelter a few days before Christmas 2014 and just fell in love with his face. On December 26, 2014, my life changed forever when I was able to save him. He's now neutered, healthy and in a wonderful home. I love knowing that hes safe."



Since then, we have rescued hundreds of dogs, got them back to health and placed them into wonderful forever homes!