We are a small 501c3 nonprofit rescue.   We pull dogs out of high kill shelters and find them forever homes.

                                                                                       Our Adoption Process

Our process starts with an application (usually when you have seen one of our dogs you are interested in on our website or adoption site). We ask you to fill out the application and return it. One of us will then go thru you application and determine if you are a good candidate for the dog you are interested in. (Please note: We do not have a one size fits all policy on what dogs need. Some will require fences, some will require no children, others no other pets. We will make sure that is stated in the information of the animal when it goes up for adoption.) 

Once you are approved we will set up a meet and greet with the dog you are interested in. If you like the dog you can then do several different things. We can set up a overnight or a 14 day trial where you foster to potentially adopt if you want time to see if the dog is the right fit. 

Please note: No dog is final adopted until spayed or neutered. If the dog you are interested in is not yet fixed, we can set you up to foster until we get the procedure done. We would sign final agreement when they are dropped off afterwards. 

We average about $350 for adult dogs and $375 for puppies but there are many factors and we try to keep the prices lower if at all possible.

The majority of our dogs come from shelters.  We do take in owner surrenders when we have room and we also try to help people with rehoming their dog so its given to safe people.

Our basic requirements are you must be over 21, have a legitimate income and allow at least one home visit. We evaluate each family and dog based on their individual situations.  Do not assume we won't adopt to you.  If we choose not to its more likely because we had so many applications for a puppy. If its a more specific reason we are happy to share that with you.  Every dog has different needs. Our job is to the dog and finding the right now.

We are a small rescue in Washington state that was founded after saving one dog.   We bring most of our dogs from high kill shelters in other states, vet them, get the spayed or neutered and ready for adoption.  We do this because we love dogs and we are not happy with the fact that so many healthy dogs are being killed.   We hope we can make a small impact on the situation.

​We are located in Whatcom County in Washington state and service the area including Snohomish, Skagit and King county.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit rescue!